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BigRigRadio is a streaming Radio setup by Simon Smith and David Hill for the purpose of reaching the many who work within the Transport and Mining Industries within Australia.

Using and adapting technologies over the last 12 months they have a commercial grade streaming service reaching the many via the Internet and not just by Radio Transmission the traditional method of reaching a mass audience.

Users listen or interact with BigRigRadio using the internet to listen to the broadcast from anywhre ther is a fixed or mobile internet service. Interaction with the audience can be by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

If you would like to discuss with us what BigRigRadio is all about or any other opportunities regarding streaming radio then please feel free to call or email using our Contact Us page

BigRigRadio is a business model of www.ozprobroadcasting.com.au

Broadcasting of BigRigRadio is maintained, managed and operated by

Website and Social media is designed, maintained, managed and operated by www.ozprodesign.com.au

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